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Party like it’s 1999, or 2009, or 2019, or any year before they prohibited dancing like the tiny town in Footloose. Boston 168 is an Italian duo from the roaring city of Torino sculpting brutalist acid art pieces like they’re carved out of a rock quarry.

Having previously shown their chops on one of the best techno V/As released in 2019, Boston 168 make a full-throttled return trip with Vax of Love, they serve up three dizzy hallucinogenic and squelchy tracks for Ellen Allien‘s insurgent BPitch.

“Kiss My Accent” is a track made for laser light shows in open skies while the title track “Vax of Love” sinks like a dirge pronouncing last rites on an accursed year. “What we have here,” BPitch offers, “is the product of one of Italy’s ‘Motor Cities’, the ghosts of abandoned factories present in every beat, bassline and acid-tinged motif.” Well said and well done.

Vax Of Love dropped on Friday July 3 on 12″ vinyl or digital via Bandcamp.

Photo via Boston 168 Facebook.

Boston 168: Vax of Love
1. Boston 168: Kiss My Accent (5:49)
2. Boston 168: Mononucleacid (6:42)
3. Boston 168: Vax Of Love (7:01)


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Artist: Boston 168
Title: Kiss My Accent (from Vax Of Love EP)
Label: BPitch Berlin
CAT: BPX 007
Release Date: July 3 2020 (12″ Vinyl/Digital)


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