Eren Erdol’s “A Night Cloud” is a devotional offering to the sound, spirit and culture of ’90s house and Jersey garage. This new release on the producer’s own Petra Digital soars so high it clips the points off the stars.

The original mix is super fine: a huge vocal given plenty of oxygen to breathe, big chords and crashing percussion that quickens the pulse and stimulates the mind.

A pair of outstanding remixes round this out as one of the best singles of April — a pointedly driving remix from Baldo and a thunderous breakdown from Bumako’s Jenifa Mayanja.

If you play house music, this is one of the easiest pick-ups you’ll make.

Erdol’s “A Night Cloud” EP is out now and available digitally from Traxsource.

Eren Erdol: A Night Cloud (Petra Digital) Track Listing
1. Eren Erdol: A Night Cloud (6:00)
2. Eren Erdol: A Night Cloud (Baldo ’90s Garage Mix) (5:50)
3. Eren Erdol: A Night Cloud (Jenifa Mayanja Remix) (7:20)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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