#ListenUp Jody Watley Shares Brian Power Remix of The Passion

Jody Watley teases a soulful Brian Power remix of her soul single The Passion by Jody Watley & SRL, out September 28 2018.

Nothing has diminished the brilliant light of Jody Watley. Brian Power cranks it up a few more lumens on his remix of “The Passion,” the forthcoming remix of the single by Jody Watley & SRL, Jody’s group project. The official track isn’t out until September 28 but Jody shared an ad hoc teaser video right now.

“The Passion” topped out in the top 3 of the UK Soul Charts. You can read more about Brian Power’s amazing story from the bedroom to his big room debut at age 50 in Czarina Mirani’s interview with Brian from 5 Mag #158:

From the UK, Brian Power had his first DJ gig in 2013 when he was 50 years old. Five years later he not only has a successful run as a DJ but also has an impressive label where he releases his and other noteworthy producers’ music. If that isn’t a kick in the butt for some of you I don’t know what is, but it goes to show you that sometimes musical output can flourish at any time in one’s life!


You can pre-order or preview “The Passion” on iTunes.

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Artist: Jody Watley and SRL
Title: The Passion (Brian Power Remix)
Label: Avitone
Release Date: September 28 2018