A record of unreleased Kerri Chandler tracks that feels like it would have once found a home on a Downtown 161 special edition (like this, this or this).

Lost & Found Vol 1 is a collection of “lost” tracks that Chandler recorded but never released, dating apparently from the late 1990s and early ’00s — if we’re to make the distinction, right in the wheelhouse of Chandler’s classic era. Each of the four tracks here will make someone jump up and sing, from the quirky “What Will We Do” to the cosmic disco-accented deep house of the slinky and irresistible “Tonight.” It seems awkward to make the comparison but the deep, vibing cut “Into The Night” sounds like a distant relative of Fingers’ “Can You Feel It” and would fit in largely the same slot in a set if the latter were new today. Warmth, heat and icy stabs all over the place.

Lost & Found Vol 1 was actually released digitally as well as on vinyl, a copy of which you can still stir up at your local shop like Gramaphone.

Kerri Chandler: Lost & Found EP Vol 1 (Kaoz Theory) Track Listing
A1. Kerri Chandler featuring Grampa: What Will We Do
A2. Kerri Chandler: Tonight
B1. Kerri Chandler: Into The Night
B2. Kerri Chandler: This And That

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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