The heavily mental “Dance Intensity” is throwing off all kinds of secret society vibes and I’m only 30 seconds into it. It is the lead and most striking track from Mark Grusane’s new EP on Rush Hour, featuring Amiruz and Grusane’s mastery of the dark arts of making sinister, sophisticated sounds. This appeared on SoundCloud about a year ago and is still there, though the link to buy it digitally has been purged, probably in anticipation of this 12″ release.

“Klub Nacht” bends kosmische Musik into the shape of dark disco and “The Next Ride” smashes it all together — all the rare and bad ass synth, electro, cosmic disco and kraut rock records that have passed through Grusane’s hands — into a witch’s brew.

Dance Intensity by Mark Grusane is out in May on 12″ vinyl from Rush Hour.

Mark Grusane: Dance Intensity (Rush Hour) Track Listing
A1. Mark Grusane: “Dance Intensity” (feat Amiruz)
B1. Mark Grusane: “Klub Nacht”
B2. Mark Grusane: “The Next Ride”

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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