Thomas Barnett‘s catalog is full of delights, from the exposure of his work on the classic “Nude Photo” through his Groove Slave and work on his Visillusion label in the present. Barnett’s style takes in influences from everywhere but there’s no mistaking those drums are made in Detroit: turned up in the mix they hit like a shockwave that hits every corner of the room in concentric waves and peeling people off the walls afterward.

“French Loop” is the lead off a split EP with Ecilo and while it isn’t typical of Barnett’s style it’s a perfect introduction. A simple filtered sample looped on into infinity lulls you in while the drums work over your midsection like a savage. Listen up here:

The French Loop EP is out now via Traxsource. Listen to the rest of the EP on SoundCloud.

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Artist: Thomas Barnett
Title: French Loop
Label: Visillusion
Release Date: Out Now (digital)