This is a fast turnaround for Aki Bergen: the Black & Light album was released worldwide in May and this remix selection arrives via special delivery scarcely a month later. This is not a typical remix set of a single worked over by several guys. Instead it’s Aki himself supplying (I guess you would call them) “alternative takes” from three Black & Light tracks.

Pegged as a “techno” artist early on, I think you’d have a hard time classifying most of what Aki does as anything other than Deep House – and even this is far from a perfect fit. The title track (this is the “Club Rework Part 1”, which at least implies that more remixes are forthcoming) is a case in point: the bassline is just way too funky, with a vocal sample you’d probably more closely associate with Jackin’ House than something deep. So throw out the labels and enjoy this for what it is: that rare chunk of Tech with some hip-swingin’ capabilities, or Deep with some fun & funky samples, or just some good music to groove with.

“Fever” featuring the vocals of Carmen Sherry will bring to mind either Madonna or Peggy Lee, depending on where your head is at. This could slide right into any set, regardless of style – it’s just a fantastic dub. The EP wraps with “M.U.S.I.C.” and the “Diggin Da Vinyl Mix”, a track that manages to remain moody and movin’ at once.

Aki has been doing a tremendous amount of remix work lately, including some fantastic edits for standbys King Street and Reel People Music, but you’re a fool if you pass on his original productions.