I don’t think I’ve written about more Louie Vega records in my life – and maybe not in all of my life put together – than I have in the last year. The disco project for Nervous that culminated in NYC Disco; side projects like his remixes for Sean McCabe; and beautifully off-beat and unexpected treasures like his remixes of “So Sweet” from Amp Fiddler have taken me and the rest of the world by storm. The combination of quantity and quality is unmatched in modern house, which has much of the former and little of the latter.

On “So Sweet,” now on vinyl (digital was released awhile ago) and dining at the feast of Amp Fiddler (somehow STILL regarded as one of our most underrated artists when he’s mentioned in the mainstream-y dance press). Louie brings out the Planet P/Funk weirdness on the “Amp Do It Again Dub” and the “Fiddler Funki-Dub.” The B-side “Only Amp” mix tallies at 8:24 of a more stable and soulful rendition, with what sounds like additional vocals from Amp. The “Vega Moody Dub” sounds like Louie blending his own sound with a pastiche of Moodymann, whose Mahogani originally released “So Sweet” a year and a half ago.

These are sounds that no DJ realized they wanted until they heard them and knew they couldn’t play without them.

Amp Fiddler: So Sweet (Louie Vega Remixes) (Vega Records)
A1. Amp Fiddler: “So Sweet” (Louie Vega remix Amp Do It Again dub) (4:50)
A2. Amp Fiddler: “So Sweet” (Fiddler Funki-Dub) (3:35)
B1. Amp Fiddler: “So Sweet” (Louie Vega remix Only Amp mix) (8:24)
B2. Amp Fiddler: “So Sweet” (Vega Moody dub) (4:37)



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