“Oblivion” was one of the most notable tracks to emerge on Carl Craig’s suddenly essential Detroit Love compilations, which have in some ways provided an American answer to some of the prominent German and UK mix series that break records and sometimes careers. Produced by Detroit OGs Ataxia, “Oblivion” appeared on the second Detroit Love comp mixed by Carl Craig himself and featuring cuts from Green Velvet, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Aju, Octave One, Floorplan, Waajeed, Von Stroke… and this one. It’s easy to see where the fascination came from, and why it became the centerpiece of this new two track EP released on vinyl and digitally, with whirling drills and zapped out electronics tamed into a kind of techno-dopamine harmony. Also of note is the B-side track, “Michaelangelos” which has drums that sound like they’re coming from a dungeon fifty feet below you.

Ataxia: Oblivion EP / Planet E Communications (February 27 2020/12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Ataxia: Oblivion (07:43)
2. Ataxia: Michaelangelos (07:02)



FUTURE/CLASSICAL: This was originally published in 5 Mag issue 180 featuring Kate Simko, Rudosa, DJ Emmaculate, Microdot & more. Help support 5 Mag by becoming a member for just $1 per issue.




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