Nine years ago, a Florida DJ/producer named Atnarko kicked us over one of the very first DJ mixes we ever posted. We didn’t have a name for the series and the technology of the time meant that 60 minute mixes had to be played via a handwritten Flash player in a pop-up window.

Over time we’ve written about Atnarko’s records but not the man. I hadn’t seen anything pop up on my radar lately (not unusual, my radar is shit) until I saw this record from Viva, released yesterday on Beatport. “This Feeling” was released a year ago (split with “Before Sleep”) and gets worked over and tenderized by “Approved Electronic Device,” aka Chris Fortier. The original remix is six minutes of scattered hats and brassy cymbals, some subtle basswork and an overall mental workout. The Reprise is terribly inventive, a disembodied voice cut up and rolling from speaker to speaker, left to right, then right twice, over and over and repeat into delirium. So very happy to see him again, even if he hasn’t really gone anywhere.

Atnarko: This Feeling (Approved Electronic Device Remixes) (Viva Recordings)
1. Atnarko: This Feeling (Approved Electronic Device Remix) (5:56)
2. Atnarko: This Feeling (Approved Electronic Device Reprise) (5:32)
3. Atnarko: This Feeling (Approved Electronic Device Bonus Beats) (3:38)


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