Brett Johnson: Got Bleep?!

The first thing I noticed about this .dotbleep release (besides the bitchin’ album art) is that it’s long, and by long I mean you could take the first track, mix it in for a couple minutes, then mix an entire track over the top of it, then take yet another track and use that to mix out, all without feeling rushed. (I fully expect to hear this happening in a set by either Brett Johnson or Justin Long at some point).

“En El Pegajoso” has a rolling bassline with jazzy piano and flute samples that make me feel like I should be in a classy Spanish lounge to get the full experience. The back end gets a little darker, but still has that groove thanks to the bass. The dub mix is Tech House in a concentrated form following the “less notes, more bleeps” guideline. The bassline is once again the dominant force of the track; you could blend the heck out of it and not worry about clashing sounds or rhythms. “Postage Paid” is slower, and I’m almost tempted to file this as “eclectic”. The drum kit could work in a broken beat setting, and the midsection samples would find a home in an ambient noise track, which is great if you’re into either of those things. That being said, this release will find its way into the hands of the .dotbleep faithful crowd without a doubt.

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