Hands up if you saw Roy Davis, Jr’s Undaground Therapy Muzik storming back in 2021. It’s been twenty-five years since URT 001 came out with the stomping The Men From The Nile! Part 1 from Roy Davis, Jr and Jay Juniel. It’s been nearly three years since Al Zanders marked UTM’s return to vinyl with the bumpin’ Guidance EP. It’s up to Charlie from Soul Clap to spar with that legacy, and his latest solo EP (coming as it does with Soul Clap’s long-awaited album dropping at about the same time) lives up to the moment.

Virgo’s Victory” is what it sounds like when an entire musical movement locks itself up behind closed doors for a year and is tearing its hair out waiting for the perfect moment of release. Soul, disco, rare groove and 4-to-the-floor Chicago house — it gets messy in this one and that’s why it sounds so good. “Virgo’s Stripped Mix” is possibly an extended DJ tool but frankly a stomp on its own and a perfect track to set up the monster in your set. This and “Virgo’s Victory Beats” really break this one down, cooking it down to the funky shit left stuck to the bottom of the pan. These takes are just a bonus. If you like house music, you will be preternaturally inclined to like this.

Charlie Soul Clap: Virgo’s Victory (Undaground Therapy Muzik / May 21 2021 / Digital)
1. Charlie Soul Clap – Virgo’s Victory (08:55)
2. Charlie Soul Clap – Soul Fed (05:30)
3. Charlie Soul Clap – Virgo’s Victory Stripped Mix (07:23)
4. Charlie Soul Clap – Virgo’s Victory Beats (08:55)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by For The Record PR.



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