Freaky remixes of freaky tracks from Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X. The original lead track from Cowboy Rhythmbox’s 4th EP sounded like a grab bag of samples run through the mind of an idiot savant until they came together as a near note-perfect track. The remixers shake it down but preserve that wild eclectic energy here. Red Axes’ edit feels like it could have been a lost b-side remix by Andy Weatherall beating a Factory Records act into dancefloor discipline. Dozens of voices scatter and combine, dissociate and associate again, the tension tightens and only slackens a little, churned by heavy guitar chords and FX that sound like they were dredged from Nurse With Wound.

Cowboy Rhythmbox: Tanz Exotique (The Remixes) (Phantasy Sound)
A1. Cowboy Rhythmbox: “Tanz Exotique” (Red Axes remix) (7:14)
B1. Cowboy Rhythmbox: “Tanz Exotique” (Marvin & Guy version) (7:10)


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