demuir girls

5 Mag friend, ally and avatar Demuir has returned to the scene of the crime. May sees the release of his EP Girls Girls Girls on Mark Farina’s Great Lakes Audio imprint.

Girls, Girls, Girls (no relation to Motley Crue’s stripper anthem, or any stripper anthem at all) is Demuir’s second release on GLA since the celebrated Derrick Does Disco. If that was in any sense a tribute, homage or just a shout-out to Derrick Carter, Girls, Girls, Girls takes as its point of departure the classy, smooth funkified disco of Chic looped into infinity, with a more ’70s R&B feel for “Luvin’ To Nothing.”

Demuir’s Girls, Girls, Girls is out now via Traxsource and the usual joints.

Demuir: Girls, Girls Girls (Great Lakes Audio)
1. Unicorn (6:45)
2. Luvin’ to Nothing (7:47)
3. Out in Scarbaria (5:57)
4. Out in Scarbaria (Dub) (5:57)
5. Unicorn (Dub) (6:45)