Dimitri From Paris Remixes “Kill The Lights” from TV Show Vinyl

Dimitri From Paris remixes the neo-Disco tune from the soundtrack for HBO's series VINYL.

I haven’t watched a minute of Vinyl, HBO’s supposedly polarizing series, so whatever promotional juice they hope to squeeze out of their musical offerings (a track a week, or so they say) is probably wasted on me. From what I’ve gathered, the show is a highly stylized view of its subject matter, and that’s true of the song “Kill The Lights” too. I’m sure the term has already been coined but I’m prone to calling it “neo-disco,” like neo-classicism or neo-fascism – a latter day revival and in some ways a debilitating distortion of its original inspiration. The hooks are a little too broad and the hits a little too cliche for you to believe this was actually made back in the heyday of the discotheques it does its best to evoke… but as an homage, it’s not bad, not bad at all. Alex Newell does his best Sylvester, and Nile Rodgers is on board to lend an air of cred. But it’s Dimitri from Paris who does it, using all of his magician’s tricks to bring a kind of warmth to the project.

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