I have a friend that shops for Christmas gifts in the Summer. That’s not a bad idea if you have a Disco lover or any DJ of taste in your life because a collection of Dimitri From Paris’ Salsoul edits is just about the best thing they could ask for. This is another one of those disco compilations that come in via Japanese import – Danny Krivit’s TK Disco compilation was one that comes to mind. I understand why these get made for the Japanese market (actually, it was Dimitri himself that broke down the Japanese record industry for me), but the practical effect is that the copies which manage to find their way from Shibuya to shipping container to the West usually wind up being hocked on Discogs for extortionate prices.

That’s what happened with the original release of Dimitri from Paris’ Salsoul edits, followed by a Record Store Day release that I picked up and finally a full global release on CD, vinyl and in digital stores coming in September.

The first disc features some of Dimitri’s elder statesmen and colleagues having a go at Salsoul’s catalog, including Frankie Knuckles, Shep Pettibone, Walter Gibbons and Tom Moulton. Disc 2 contains 10 of Dimitri’s own re-edits – this is the sweet spot here, as quite a few of these have been pulled out as prized possessions by top jocks over the years but have never been in solid supply to satisfy everyone. Among them is Dimitri’s epochal edit of “Love Sensation,” “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure and the highly underrated “Moment of My Life” by the seminal band too often still regarded by casual listeners as a one-hit-wonder of the era, Inner Life.

The minute the tracklisting was posted this became one of the top disco releases of the year. This is one of the rare occasions when you know exactly what you’re getting before you hear it, and it still makes your heart soar.

Various: Dimitri From Paris presents Salsoul Mastermix (Salsoul)



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