Two years ago we were all devastated when the beautifully dedicated Frankie Knuckles mural on Chicago’s rooftop of Milwaukee and California, suddenly became erased.

The permission piece had gone up shortly after the Godfather of House music passed in March of 2014. Chicago DJ Michael Tupak recalls, “It was my idea to do it after Frankie passed. We’re talking about a Chicago icon. A huge piece of Chicago’s cultural history of the last 40 years. So with all that, something had to be done.”

He called on fellow graffiti artists Statik, Flash, Dez Air, Bboy B, Mugs and Skol of the Artistic Bombing Crew to begin working on the piece. Set atop a clothing store, it was the perfect angle to view it from the Blue Line, where trains come in from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Watch the time lapse video here:

Unfortunately after about 13 months, the piece was unceremoniously buffed, with the building owner explaining that repairs were needed to be made.

Fast forward to today, Tupak states in a recent post:

We put a campaign together, raised some money. We were ready to go but we had no where to put it. We searched hard and long all across the city of Chicago. So without further ado:


I didn’t know if it was going to ever happen. Barry Allen and myself attended countless meetings. Sent hundreds of emails and had all kinds of doors being shut in our face. I want to thank him for staying aboard on this journey with me. The same goes for Frederick Dunson. He did not know me but jumped on board and dove right in. When all was dark, he has been the light. Attending meetings and talking to all kinds of people to get this done. He pushed relentlessly and ultimately made it happen. I can’t thank him enough!

Now we get to do the fun part! Thank you everyone who donated and has been extremely patient. I have received messages from all over the world asking about this thing. I know Frederick has too. We’re almost there.

5 Magazine will be covering the creation of the mural and reveal the location in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Photo: Michael Tupak by the old Frankie Knuckles mural on Milwaukee and California.