This third installment of the “Lineabeats” since the series began two years ago sees Francisco teamed up with Cosmo (aka Cosimo Mandorino). It’s the best edition yet. Throbbing, horny and a little clammy and gross, “System” is unlike any track I can think of. It exists almost in its own druggy universe, a thin and brittle bass wireframing together a track packed with effects. It could be used as a tool for beats and effects, but do many DJs do that anymore?

“Get It” is positively hectic: an amphetamine bounce and a shuffle of backward dancing. Francisco is nearly peerless at this. I know nothing of his background but I imagine a guy raised on Sanka, Italian Mad Max ripoffs at the movies and a box of ultra-fine Italo records. “System 3” is an odd cap on the record: a “bonus beat remix” from Delphi of Tiger & Woods.


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