Chez Damier is a man who requires no introduction from us, so when he announces a new project, any self-respecting deep house lover should stop whatever they’re doing and pay attention (unless what they’re doing happens to be performing brain surgery or flying a plane, in which case they should probably just do that).

Damier’s latest collaboration is with a young French producer by the name of Ben Vedren, the pair going under the moniker “Heart 2 Heart”. This forthcoming vinyl only release from Balance Records contains three remixes of the pair’s debut “Shigan”, as well as Vedren’s remix of the classic “Never Knew Love”.

First up on remix duties is Berlin-based Frenchman, Charly Delhom. My initial reaction would have been to say it’s rather underwhelming, however the track has grown on me somewhat. Deceptively simple, it has a real sense of atmosphere bubbling up from its insistent chord pad and restrained, stripped down arrangement.

Next on side A, French duo Siler & Dima dub it out with a mix oozing quality and confidence. The track has a lovely rolling, poised style, ebbing and flowing beautifully from beginning to end. As a DJ, I think one sign of a great dance record is when, on first listen, you don’t immediately feel an urge skip forward to the middle of the track. I happily listened to this from start to finish, several times, and enjoyed it more with every listen.

Side B sees Chicago’s own “Bell Boys” take the helm for the final remix of “Shigan”.This duo impressed greatly with last autumn’s Hotel Garma EP, so I’m happy to report that they are on top form again here. This is a remix packed full of emotion and musical invention, which builds into a real sunset gem, bordering on the Balearic.

To close out the 12″, Damier let Vedren loose on his 1992 classic, “Never Knew Love”. And what a remix it is. Treading that awkward tightrope between sounding self-consciously ‘throwback’ and simply being a classic record, Vedren shows a great deal of maturity here. The result is simply brilliant; moody, energetic and lovingly arranged. If people don’t dance to this record, you might as well pack up and go home.

Overall this is a truly excellent release; timeless house music of the highest order.