jerome baker

You’re never going to get any static for saying that Jerome Baker is an underground OG. In the mid-1990s – one of those renaissance eras that you never knew was happening while it was happening – you would hear Jerome playing everywhere, any place with four walls and a pair of turntables. Under the name DJ Boris, he released what is still one of my favorite Relief Records EPs – something that had a foot in the zeitgeist that the label captured better than anyone, but also one that looked forward to a Juke and footwork scene no one could see on the horizon.

Jerome Baker has been pounding the pavement for the last couple of years and I’ve been remiss in not getting to you sooner with the story of one of my underground heroes. And it won’t wait much longer: he just released the Underground OG album digitally on Gene Farris’ Farris Wheel Recordings. Having recently hit the milestone 100th release, Farris Wheel is wise to hand over the increasing spotlight that they’ve attracted to one of Chicago’s best producers, bar none.

Underground OG doesn’t have the rawness of the early releases but lacks none of the frenzy, especially in “Y’all Don’t Hear Me.”

Underground OG is out now in promo release on Traxsource from Farris Wheel.