Retromigration Secret of a Pimp remixed by Jimpster album art

It must be a somewhat bittersweet experience to know that Jimpster is about to remix your EP. On the one hand, having his name on the project can’t help but get it out and about, but on the other, his remix could well be an improvement on your original. The two originals here from producer Retromigration are a pair of perfectly capable, uncomplicated house jams featuring clean, efficient beats; “Secret Of A Pimp” is crisp, deep house while “Flying Lotus” has more of a disco flavour.

Jimpster runs the “Secret of a Pimp” parts through his studio’s boxes, puts in a dirty b-line, changes up the drums for some Afro-flavoured percussion and adds a layer of what I’m calling “Jimp-scuzz” — that atmospheric audio that somehow hangs over all his productions. In the process, the whole thing is elevated from an effective track into something much weightier which progresses via a pair of deftly-engineered breakdowns into quite the epic journey.

And then he performs a similar trick with the other remix of “Flying Lotus” for which he dons his Frank Spangler guise and turns in a low-paced, unhurried, mucky disco-Rhodes jam: you can file this remix under grimy, down-tempo jazz-flecked house.

Retromigration: Secret of a Pimp EP (Jimpster & Franc Spangler Remixes) (wewillalwaysbealovesong / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
1. Retromigration: Secret of a Pimp (06:05)
2. Retromigration: Secret of a Pimp (Jimpster Remix) (06:07)
3. Retromigration: Flying Lotus (06:06)
4. Retromigration: Flying Lotus (Franc Sprangler Remix) (05:38)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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