If you’re not stanning for Ludus Pinsky, what are you even doing with your life? Pinsky (aka Lapo Lombardi) is one of those quintessential Italian artists who can remain totally unknown to a person for years, his eclectic and rich discography just lies in wait like a snare and hooks you at a time in your life when you need it most.

Part of The Analog Session with Alexander Robotnick, Pinsky returns here on Lettrobox 1 with four bubbling techno tracks on Robotnick’s Hot Elephant label. The Analog Session spirit lives in the ragged groove of “Optimistic Dodo” but the subterranean vibe of “Compulslave” and the soaring “An Itch at Sunset” is pure, peak Pinsky.

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Ludus Pinsky: Lettrobox 1 / Hot Elephant Music (Digital)
1. Ludus Pinsky: Compulslave
2. Ludus Pinsky: Optimistic Dodo
3. Ludus Pinsky: Catatuned
4. Ludus Pinsky: An Itch at Sunset



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