It feels like everyone that you’d like to consider promising, underrated or our last great hope for deep house in America has been drawn to Finale Sessions, to the extent that owner Michael Zucker can be accused of being too shy of the limelight for himself.

No more. Draw Closer would easily be our album of the month if we did that kind of thing. Pack up because this is a journey: “Choose Sides” alone is worth the price of 2x12s” records that are sure to sell out before they touch the floor of the distributor’s warehouse when this is released in March. It’s the track they made the word “epic” for: emotional, awake, cosmic while being grounded in the earthiest elements of jazz and the best of soul.

I’m drawing a bright blue line under “Choose Sides” but it’s far from the only highlight. “40 Days” is uproarious with a dark swing and electro tremble. “Tokyo Sunrise” feels like a deep house answer to Tokyo’s finest, DJ Krush: it has all of the meticulous little textures and cut-ups of Krush’s finest, most atmospheric records.

Words sometimes fail when you try to describe beauty. This record is almost too beautiful for words. Put the headphones, lean back, close your eyes and let go.

Michael Zucker: Draw Closer (Finale Sessions)
A1. Michael Zucker: “40 Days”
A2. Michael Zucker: “Choose Sides”
B1. Michael Zucker: “Coming Home”
B2. Michael Zucker: “Tokyo Sunrise”
C1. Michael Zucker: “Basic Instruction”
C2. Michael Zucker: “Divine Power”
D1. Michael Zucker: “Finding You”
D2. Michael Zucker: “Discernment”


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