The Northern Lights: Caroline EP

The Northern Lights is apparently just a guy, making soundtracks and music in search of a movie best suited for his soundtracks. Caroline is his latest EP – a deep, textured and rich palette of music wrapped around some of the most candied hooks pop music has ever heard. The title track brings back the glaring garish riff rock of ’80s electric guitar, flashing with perfect emphasis for a lyric I can’t entirely discern but feel like I could sing along to anyway. There’s something of a shadow across most of the songs on Caroline – the deep, churning bass on “Hollywood Nights” or the sonorous echo on the hyperballad “Without You.” I once heard it said that Romanthony made the best Prince records Prince never made. The “secret track” “Wide Awake” is probably the finest Peter Gabriel that Peter Gabriel never put down. Fully synthesized, too energetic for chillwave but perfectly crafted pop however it’s tailored for fashion.

The Northern Lights: Caroline EP
1. Caroline (04:12)
2. Hollywood Nights (04:45)
3. Electric (02:59)
4. Without You (02:17)
5. Dream Chasers (02:28)
6. Wide Awake (*free* secret track) (03:42)


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