Receiving digital promos is always a bit of a mixed blessing. While one is always thankful to have new music to preview for free, one sometimes wishes that said promos were more closely aligned with one’s own personal musical tastes (and this is not to say that the various new music being received isn’t well crafted or that it doesn’t have a full and appreciative audience out there somewhere).

So imagine my delight when a new EP by Reggie Dokes arrived in my inbox a few months back.

The Detroit/Atlanta-aligned producer and DJ has an impeccable list of labels he has been associated with in the past and this latest release, entitled June Child on the UK-based Release Sustain imprint, continues with his string of high quality releases for high profile labels.

The original three tracks (along with a remix by Moody Waters) all effortlessly stretch between jazz, funk and dancefloor-oriented sounds to make a truly satisfying whole. Starting with the title track, “June Child”‘s robotic shuffle drum patterns mix effortlessly with dreamy pads and synths, all driven along by melancholy leads to raise the hands of many a dancefloor denizen.

London’s Moody Waters submits his remix, which stays closely aligned to the title track’s original mix, but adds in a bit more heft for his contribution to this fine EP. Track 3, entitled “Reflections,” continues with more of Dokes’ trademark high quality house, with organ stabs and shakers pulsing along to keep the house oriented flavor of this release moving and grooving.

Closing track “Allowed Vibrations” sees Dokes stripping things down a bit for a more minimal, yet still soulful and searching track to close out the proceedings on a high note.

Dokes has always been an artist that one can count on to deliver cutting edge dance floor creations and this EP is no exception. Release Sustain already has an impressive roster of artists that have produced EPs for them, so it’s great to see them enlist Reggie Dokes into their catalog to contribute yet another fine release. And it’s always great to hear what is on Dokes’ musical mind, so consider this latest release to be a “win-win” proposition on all counts.

Reggie Dokes: June Child EP (Release Sustain / Digital / January 2022)
1. Reggie Dokes: June Child (05:52)
2. Reggie Dokes: June Child (Moody Waters Remix) (07:44)
3. Reggie Dokes: Reflections (05:52)
4. Reggie Dokes: Allowed Vibrations (05:20)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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