Ron Trent Plunges Through Four Decades of Music History on WARM

The new sampler from Ron Trent's forthcoming album hints at Balearic and '70s soft rock, wrapped in a warm, soulful embrace.

Three decades after “Altered States,” after all the soulful noise, after all the dance floor boogie delights – what else is there? You may better ask “Is there anything left?”

Ron Trent is in a pretty unique place, career-wise. There are few others who have such a pervasive influence in so many different scenes – for the househeads from Chicago to Detroit to New York and Berlin, for the scattered bass and techno tribes, the nu soul and afro soul masses. And they all claim him, and – as they do with King Britt’s discography – claim their particular favorites the real essence of his art and his genius.

And here is something they’re ALL going to love, once they listen, absorb and master it. WARM is a new album from Ron Trent, with the first three songs forming this EP and blowing open the shutters with a fresh, ocean-scented breeze. If “Night Ride” is taking us anywhere, it’s a place with a shimmering Balearic sheen. The low-slung strum of “On A Journey” evokes the soft rock of the ’70s, and the vocoder settles it. The short clips you might find don’t do it justice: like the best music, you don’t drop a needle and listen where you please but you have to strap yourself in and experience it, ride the journey and drink in the energy from beginning to end. “Exhale” calls forth Carlos Santana’s supersonic music – defined by the master as the moment of playing when you lose consciousness and the Holy Ghost takes over.

If this is just a taste, WARM is going to be a huge record when the full LP comes out. One of the coolest things going on in the world of electronic music right now is seeing artists like Robert Hood and Jeff Mills NOT becoming sclerotic and closed off from the rest of the world, as frequently happens when artists mark decades of experience. They’re actually becoming more alive, more open, more willing to experiment and risk everything on a single song. With WARM Ron Trent proves he’s in this renaissance state of consciousness too.

Ron Trent: Warm EP / Future Vision
A1. Ron Trent: “Night Ride”
B1. Ron Trent: “On A Journey”
B2. Ron Trent: “Exhale”



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