Another treasure from the vaults of Roy Davis, Jr. The chill a f Tha Black Light Exposure EP first surfaced on the late Downtown 161 label back in 1995 and first appeared digitally on Traxsource in 2011. Individual tracks have resurfaced here and there from time to time, enjoying limited but strong revivals ever since. Groovin’ Records in Italy has done the work in reissuing a number of cult tracks from the ’90s — see 5 Mag’s past call-outs of their 2019 reissue of Do You Feel Me? by Victor Simonelli (as NY’s Finest) and the 2018 reissue of Ron Trent’s Jazz It Up.

Tha Black Light Exposure is Roy Davis, Jr in repose, with a sometimes downtempo but invariably slower, sensual vibe. The A side is dedicated to two mixes of “Party Here!” In less than six minutes he takes you from stoned P-Funk vibes of the early AM “Chicago Night Life Mix” to the exhausted “After Set Dub” and it really feels like a journey. “Under Tha Sun” is the closer in every sense of that word, leaving the listener on a vibe that won’t quit. Groovin’ once again grants today’s DJ access to one of the deepest, dopest tracks of the era.

Roy Davis, Jr.: Tha Black Light Exposure EP (Groovin’ / July 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Roy Davis, Jr.: “Party Here!” (The Chicago Night Life mix) (8:56)
A2. Roy Davis, Jr.: “Party Here!” (Da After Set dub) (5:36)
B1. Roy Davis, Jr.: “Let Me Show U Tha Scene” (12:37)
B2. Roy Davis, Jr.: “Under Tha Sun” (6:22)

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