Sudd WAX is building a dream team of Detroit’s most underrated masters, with this record from The Man, Santonio Echols, following earlier wax cuts from Rick Wade, Norm Talley and Gari Romalis. If I were to book a festival stage up there these (plus Waajeed) would headline it and Santonio makes an excellent edition with the classic grooves on 6267 EP.

“Blue Skies” is what you think it is — bouncy, deep, optimistic with a stir of laid-back cool. That word comes up over and over again: Santonio is one of the coolest mf’ers out there, cool just radiates through his sound the way it did for signature tunes from the jazz masters.

On the B-side Santonio welcomes Mike Anderson, who has lent his late night FM vox to records from Orlando Voorn and Santiago Salazar in the past. “Share Me Baby” is the sleeper hit here, with Anderson riffing off the title and Santonio’s lively percussion riffing off Anderson.

Book Santonio. Hire Anderson. Bring them both together and bring them to your city now.

Santonio Echols featuring Mike Anderson: 6267 EP / Sudd WAX (February 2020/12″ Vinyl)
A1. Santonio Echols: “Blue Skies” (6:29)
B1. Santonio Echols: “Share Me Baby” (feat Mike Anderson) (6:40)
B2. Santonio Echols: “Overflow” (6:35)



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