My condolences to everyone who released an album in 2020. Some of them reputedly did well, though I have no idea how. Short of having some plague rave chode wandering around the tropic zones of the planet, padding their battered bank account with sets for lifeless and befuddled audiences, I’m not sure how anyone else effectively got the word out about albums released in a year without clubs or festivals and the continuing decay of the mediasphere.

Session Victim were one of those, releasing their fourth album, Needledrop, in 2020. Ironically, they released a pandemic record before the pandemic: Needledrop was filled with the kind of downtempo, nostalgic and somewhat contemplative or melancholic sounds that would fuel so many late 2020 releases inspired by lockdowns.

However that worked out for them it hasn’t hampered their creativity. Two Crowns, their new EP from Jimpster‘s Delusions of Grandeur, leaps right out of the vinyl and grabs you by the shirt and gives you a shake from the get-go. Two Crowns, both the whole record and the title track, drag on to the main artery and plunge in — a huge spike of adrenal energy from the jump. The synths and vibes sway gently but those drums are some straight fire. “Guidance” and “Village Youth” actually evoke the early sounds of the label — I mean Chicago’s Guidance, once Spencer Kincy‘s label (though that is controversial) and then something else entirely. It has that same purity, those beautifully bright instruments resounding in the mix, that gives you that curious feeling of a cold sweat or a warm chill. This is choice stuff here, however it gets to you.

Session Victim: Two Crowns EP (Delusions of Grandeur / March 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Session Victim: Two Crowns (07:02)
2. Session Victim: Guidance (06:03)
3. Session Victim: Village Youth (06:13)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Shine PR.



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