Time will wear us all down to dust and our piles of broken vinyl, but the music will remain. Nu Groove is one of a handful of classic ’90s labels that escaped the depravity of old age and slipped right into legendary status. Their music was distinctive and exemplary enough that “Nu Groove” became a kind of shorthand. “It’s got that Nu Groove sound” you say, and everyone knows what you’re talking about, like when you say “it’s got those Todd Terry drums.” No more needs to be said.

So it’s come to pass that Nu Groove is releasing new records, and new music on them, and has grabbed a couple legends in their own right for this new split EP. Side A features two tracks from Jovonn. “Random” bounces up out of the bass bins — a whirlwind of energy and punchy chords and an insane sax that zig zags all over the course.

Nu Groove has also joined the legions of other classic labels in becoming a Defected Records property. There’s reason to be wary as we all saw what they did with the Strictly Rhythm brand in the ’10s and that shit was a damned shame. But this is a nice start.

Jovonn: Random (Nu Groove / February 2021 / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
A1. Jovonn: Random (Extended Mix) (05:57)
A2. Jovonn: Get Over It (Extended Soulfrican Soul Bass Dub Mix) (06:20)
B1. Deetron: Dr. Melonball Extended Mix (05:39)
B2. Deetron: V-NRG Extended Mix (05:02)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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