An all-Chicago love affair with Queen’s Garrett David remixing the music of SHFFT, aka Matt Wyser (Redux DJs) and Shmoo (just Shmoo). That right there is basically 3 of the best people working on the scene in Chicago right now, all doing what they do best. “Robot Voice” has been through at least 3 iterations on bandcamp, originating with a hepped up jangly ’80s groove from Wyser, a stripped back acid assault from Shmoo and a bleary-eyed bubbling house heater from Garrett David.

Though sold separately, like batteries, I’ll put them all up here as they were new to me and they’re all built to last.

SHFFT: Robot Voice (Garrett David Remix) (Digital / October 2020)
1. SHFFT: Robot Voice (Garrett David Remix) (05:49)



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