underdog edits

This Spring while I was lamenting the eclipse of talented disco heads like Leonard Part Sixx from the scene… a talented disco head named Leonard Part Sixx put out the 15th edition of the Underdog Edits, his acclaimed series with a longevity that among active projects is pretty much second to none.

So we’re somewhat on the ball here for the next edition, and Underdog Edits Vol 16 did not disappoint anyone. I’ve no idea of the source material for “Holdin’ On” and it’s exasperating because it feels like it’s on the tip of my tongue. In either case, like the b-side “Do Your Best” (and maybe that’s his cosmic message to me here), these are extended play and never for a moment does it feel anything less than exhilarating. “Do Your Best” really has a conga stomp to it that makes me see pretty people in flares dancing through fog and splitting blue laser beams. A pair of obscure gems (I think) dusted off, wrapped in a pretty clean package and just waiting for you to find them again.

Underdog Edits 16
A1. “Holding’ On” (8:02)
B1. “Do Your Best” (8:38)



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