It was at the start of lockdown in America (which feels like it was two months ago but was only a week ago) that Peter Croce wrote something in his label Rocksteady Disco’s excellent newletter that stuck with me.

“I’m a little bugged out about it,” he wrote. “I feel like Rocksteady Disco’s entire mission is to combat social distancing and isolation. I believe we need to do it because we need to take care of one another and those with compromised health.”

That contradiction more than anything is why we started #StayHomeDisco and why we’ll continue for so long as anyone is stuck at home listening.

Peter is the head of Rocksteady Disco, which Lauren Krieger profiled for 5 Mag last summer. While you’re here check out his presumably extremely new or extremely prophetic Social Distance Edits on Bandcamp.

Listen: #StayHomeDisco – Peter Croce Live at Solfa Tokyo October 10 2019

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