For generations people have ascribed their hopes and dreams to music and artists over politics and politicians – though who would have thought the ones with the synths and drum machines were more reliable to boot?

When Matthew Herbert announced his project The State Between Us, he deliberately chose a March 29 2019 release date. That date was, aside from the music itself, the entire point. The State Between Us is the album from Herbert’s “Brexit Big Band,” a project made in collaboration with over a thousand musicians (no, really) responding to the triggering of Article 50 and the UK’s Brexit Referendum.

March 29 was the date the UK was supposed to leave the European Union. That didn’t happen. Dream-addled musicians, it turns out, are more reliable than the managers of daily life in parliament and congress, and the 16 track The State Between Us went on to receive rave reviews when it was released – properly on time and on schedule – six weeks ago.

Herbert is on his way to Chicago as we speak where he’ll be playing a traditional (or as traditional as a Matthew Herbert set gets) DJ set at Spybar this Friday, May 17 with support from Diz and Shmoo. Tickets are on sale now at


646 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, IL