Always exciting to see a new release from the mercurial and fantastically talented Lovebirds, whose modern classic “Want You In My Soul” has been creating smiles, dancefloor euphoria and probably more than a few babies since its 2011 release.

Title track “Just Music & Me” was apparently produced 15 years ago, languishing on a forgotten hard drive until SIRS (Daniel Klein) put it to work in his DJ sets recently, to great effect. A bouncy, synthy, sun-drenched and unashamedly joyful track, it’s a much needed dose of late summer sunshine.

“Straightfromtheheart” drops down to boogie tempo, supplying wave after wave of crystaline Italo synth licks and luscious 80’s keyboard sounds. Taking a more reflective tone, ‘For Anna (Disco Heaven)’ pays homage to the late girlfriend of a friend, with smooth Rhodes chords and a mournful melody riding an octave bassline, perfect in its simplicity.

Lovebirds is simply one of those rare producers you know you can trust, and this EP already feels like an old friend, even on first listen. Brilliant.

Lovebirds: Just Music & Me EP (Teardrop Recordings / Digital)
1. Lovebirds: Just Music & Me (5:58)
2. Lovebirds: Straightfromtheheart (8:24)
3. Lovebirds: For Anna (Disco Heaven) (6:28)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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