I discovered Psychostasia Recordings late, almost too late and by then I figured it was gone. The record was Juju and Jordash’s The Hush, originally released in 2004 and heard by me maybe 3 years later. I caught up on other back catalog releases from Jerrald James (Jerry The Cat) and others but it was the deep techno and house tracks from owner Reggie Dokes that set the tone for the label and set it apart from its peers.

Buoyed by an upswing in releases from Dokes himself, it appears Psychostasia is back, with reissues (including The Hush EP, much appreciated), a new plate from Dubbyman of Spanish label Deep Explorer, Brian Neal and a couple of collabs between Reggie and Neal and Gari Romalis. Reggie is Psychostasia, and vice versa, and one doesn’t seem quite right without the other.

To the point, now: Reggie is preparing a new album called Galactic Soul dropping April on Psychostasia Recordings, and he put together this new “Chicago Mix” for our 5 Mag Mix series. ✌️

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