Our favorite deep bass adventurer is back with an electrifying new release. DJ and producer Kastle just dropped Get Right Inside, his latest mixed compilation from Four40 Records.

The compilation features 19 tracks handpicked and drawn from his roots in the sounds of UK Garage, Drum & Bass, UK Funky, early Dubstep and Grime. Half of the tracks are exclusives that have never been heard before (including from Kastle himself), and range from hazy downtempo vibes, soundsystem bangers with a dark and nasty bite to classic homages to UKG and 2step.

We asked Kastle to grab six records from Get Right Inside and tell us about them for our 5 Mag S E L E C T series.


Kastle ////// 4 Real

This is the track that inspired the whole compilation, really. I wrote this track back in late 2015 and at the time I was doing a bit more experimental music. I didn’t realize what it meant for me and how I’d be returning to my UKG roots. I must have sent it to a couple people who asked about it, and it was amazing to learn that this track sort of got passed around with UK DJs for years while it just sort of sat on the shelf for me, so to speak. Fast forward to 2018 and I ended up chatting with Four40 Records about releasing that and two new UKG tracks that I wrote for the R U 4 REAL EP.


Exit99 ////// It’s A Long Way

I love these guys. A duo hailing from Melbourne, Australia. I was instantly drawn to their classic, dusty sound. “It’s A Long Way” could easily have existed in 1999, done up by some dark jungle producer with those thick pads and mentasm synth stabs. But at the same time the way they work in that bassline is very new. Look out for anything Exit99 puts out.


Opus & Rolla ////// Long Time

One of my favorite steppers of 2018. I’ve played this in all my sets so I knew it had to find a place in this compilation. Rolla’s lyrics hit hard for someone who has been grinding at this music scene since the mid/late ’90s. And after all that I’ve seen, heard and explored I have to say UKG is that one genre that always embraces me without question. Out to El-B on the licensing blessing and all the support.


Cellardore ////// Get Right Inside

Quite obviously this is the track that inspired the compilation title. There is actually a bit of a psychological layer to this mix for me, as my interests in neuroscience and the study of human consciousness tend to bleed into my work. Even if it’s a mix of dance tunes. The welfare of humanity as a whole depends on the well-being of the personal units in a social order. So we all need to work on ourselves from the inside so that we can all work together for a better future. This theme and complementary ideas are kind of spread out throughout the mix. Can you find them?


High Class Filter ////// Wingin’ It

I always go on UK funky excursions in my sets, and to be honest I’ll try and keep that vibe going as long as I can here in the States. Some cities will really have it, others may not quite get it. But with that said I had to include some funky tracks by some fresh artists that have been catching my attention. High Class Filter nails it with this super functional club track. It’s very simple in nature with the only stand out sounds of the bassline and a digital flute which lets the rhythm and percussion really come to life. Nice and balanced. Look out for more High Class Filter as we’re releasing his collab EP with Leda Stray on Symbols soon this year.


Mind Of A Dragon ////// L.T.T.M. ft. Shantie (Kastle Remix)

I knew I had to get something special from MOAD for this compilation. We we’re already including our ‘Either Way’ collaboration and I remembered thinking of how well Shantie’s vocals would go over 2-step. The original was one of my favorites from his funky album that I used to play in every set. And what a message: “Love to the max, hate to the minimum.” It’s what the world needs right now!

Get Right Inside is out now from Four40 Records.



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