Now this is not your usual free download – the “track nobody wanted to sign and I don’t feel like improving” or, my personal favorite, the “additional remix that sucked too bad to sell”. Alexander Robotnick has released a free set of “vintage analog ringtones” because he feels bad at hearing your defaults.

“I made this collection because I really feel sorry for all those iPhones, the majority of which are ringing the same melody. Summer is coming, you’ll probably be standing outdoor in the middle of a crowd with many iPhones ringing in the air. It’s much better to have a truely unique sound you can easily recognise. Although my ringtones may sound a little bit weird I’m sure you’ll find one that matches your inner weird personality.”

Robotnick’s separated his strange ringtone collection into “genres”, including “Panicky”, “Nervous”, “Clean”, “Cheesy”, “Mystery”, “Love” and, of course, “Just Weird”. You can download the full collection here.