Watch Frankie Knuckles’ Full Uncut Interview with Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano posts the uncut 34 minute interview with Frankie Knuckles from his documentary Love Is The Message.

You might not be able to place the voice right away but there is no mistaking that smile.

There is a new bit of lore in the Frankie Knuckles Universe, aside from the recent episode of Unsung.

“Action? Action…”

Nicky Siano has posted his full, uncut 34 minute interview with Frankie Knuckles a few days ahead of the anniversary of his passing.

“The first club I went to… Can we do this again?”

The interview was recorded for Nicky’s documentary Love Is The Message, which documented The Gallery and featured a litany of figures from the disco and early House Music scenes. Nicky is off-camera and unmic’d but I think Frankie’s unforgettable warmth still radiates through frame.

Via @nickysiano