X-102 – the evolving, saturnine techno project from Underground Resistance founders Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks – will stretch into its third decade tomorrow when Mills and Banks reunite for a rare performance.

The Astropolis Festival in Brest, France will be hosting X-102’s live performance of X-102 Rediscovers The Rings of Saturn, the 2008 expanded treatment of the original 1992 album released by Tresor.

X-102 Discovers The Rings of Saturn (which also featured UR member Robert Hood) is widely considered a masterpiece, a “musical synthesis of the human knowledge of the rings of Saturn in the wake of the Cold War.” The album was updated with new music as 2008’s X-102 Rediscovers The Rings of Saturn, inspired by the discoveries of Cassini Mission to Saturn and the landing of the European Space Agency-built Huygens probe on the surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The Cassini Mission discovered seven new moons orbiting Saturn, the first non-terrestrial hurricane with a distinct eyewall and other discoveries before the probe sailed on a self-destruct mission into the atmosphere of the ringed planet.

“The exponential progress in galactic knowledge has made X-102 an ever-evolving project,” a note on the appearance reads. “As the work is fluctuating, expect a new experience to reflect the developments within recent research: the rings of Saturn are slowly disappearing.”

Jeff Mills is also releasing a new album, Moon: The Area of Influence commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing on July 19, 2019.