Who is Vincent G? The name itself seems to lend an air of anonymity, a deep house everyman animated by the groove when the spirit moves. Discogs and several record retailers show just a single release – Rutilance’s V/A Vol 2 released in 2017, which is one of the most acclaimed and in-demand V/As from the last several years. Beatport, predictably, shows nothing at all.

Vincent G’s track on Rutilance Vol 2, “Control Freak,” was characterized by tuneful, jittery percussion and but for a muted and short vocal sample could have almost been described as “tech house” if that wouldn’t have put it in such disreputable company. Lost In Mind is a radical departure (though whether it’s a reinvention or not – with just one track in his discography, who can say?) It’s actually almost an epitome, a representative sample of the Rutilance sound characterized by DJ Steaw and the characters who have passed to and fro over the years, from Ortella to Jay Shaw and Paolo Rocco. “Lust” has the heady atmosphere of Drexciya-style techno fashioned to an almost Latin swing. The moody chords waver on “Aeterna” with jacking hats and drums. Both sides can be played together with an audience noting a subtle transition between them. Vincent G made this with just a few favored elements or bits of equipment and it rolls.

Vincent G: Lost In Mind / Rutilance Records
A1. Vincent G: “Lust”
A2. Vincent G: “Night Rider”
B1. Vincent G: “Aeterna”
B2. Vincent G: “Sub Experience”



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