Rutilance Records will rarely steer you wrong and neither will DJ Steaw. Rutilance release #23 has the owner back for a four track EP of more deep house made in France but sounding like it came from the sweltering summer blacktops of New Jersey. “Paradise 2020” is a track with a perfect blend of breathy vocals, deep bass and uplifting chords. It went past me the first time I heard it, by the second time I liked it, and by the third I was making up imaginary remix rosters and imagining what they would do with it.

Aside from its use of sophisticated subliminal suggestion, “What You Need” might, in fact, be what you need: underground deep house with vocal clips and FX that flash like diamonds. The B-side tracks are, if anything, even better than what’s on top. “Dancin” gets dizzy with a hypnotic and relentless shuffle and “Pulpy (NJ mix)” is the kind of slow burner that every DJ needs to have on hand.

DJ Steaw: Paradise 2020 (Rutilance Recordings / February 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. DJ Steaw: Paradise 2020 (07:58)
2. DJ Steaw: What you need (07:01)
3. DJ Steaw: Dancin (07:09)
4. DJ Steaw: Pulpy ( NJ mix ) (06:35)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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