2023 has seen some of the most talented veterans in the scene take that (now inevitable) step and launch their own record labels. Noncompliant is the latest and I’m here for it. Giant Arm debuts with Momentum Shift, a four track techno EP that’s as raw and uncompromising as it is clever and inventive.

Recognize this: everything is flat in the Midwest, the only peaks are the man-made features and many of those are crumbling. I hear that on Momentum Shift, where sounds extend and fill a vast subterranean arena, drums like sonar signals that never bounce against anything and never come back. “Death Mask” is a kaleidoscope of sound + vision cranked rapidly in spiraling circles. These are four DJ ready dancefloor incendiaries: light quickly and run away.

⚪️ Momentum Shift Tracklisting

Noncompliant: Momentum Shift EP (Giant Arm / Digital)
1. Symptom Onset (05:50)
2. Death Mask (06:16)
3. Stress Fracture (06:21)
4. Exponential Paralysis (05:25)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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Out September 2023

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