Lost 2020 Soundsystem “Live In Session” Album – Free Download

Moodymanc uploads a live studio recording of 2020 Soundsystem during their final tour.

It wasn’t a Peel Session but John Peel was there in spirit. Moodymanc has uploaded a “live in session” 2020 Soundsystem album recorded in 2012 but never released except as “promo only.”

Dedicated to “all who supported us over our 10 years of touring and releasing and those who support us now in our solo projects,” the album was recorded in Loudhailer Studios in Manchester, UK in the midst of their last tour in 2012.


“We spent one day setting up and getting a ‘sound’ that we were comfortable with and had a play through, then recorded this the next day. It’s basically a one take run through of our live set at that time which includes tunes that we wrote as a band and also originals and remixes that we had previously released under our solo project names. For me it’s the most satisfying recording we ever made. Please enjoy and spread the LOVE! It goes out to everybody who supported us throughout and continues to support us in our other projects. It really does mean a lot.”


Click here to download. The record features:

Ralph Lawson: Laptop computer; Beats and FX @ralphlawson
Danny ‘Dubble D’ Ward: Acoustic drum kit, percussion
Fernando Pulichino: Bass guitar, vocals @fernando-2020
Julian Sanza: Keyboards @juliansanza
Simon ‘Palmskin’ Richmond: Keyboards
Recorded by Deni and Izzy Pavlovic at the Loudhailer Stusios, Manchester.
Mixed and produced by Danny Ward.
Mastered by Noel Summervile at 3345 mastering.


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