Jorge Caiado Nasha's Groove

There’s more than just one track that needs to be piped up into the public consciousness on Jorge Caiado’s Time & Space LP, but this is one is the truth. Longtime associate Brawther jumps in to remix Nasha’s Groove and it’s exquisite.

And there’s an interesting story behind this lead track from Jorge Caiado’s debut LP – “Nasha” was his dog and “long time studio companion” that recently passed away and “Nasha’s Groove” pays tribute.

This appeared on the Nasha’s Groove EP which was released last week by Groovement and features a couple of exclusive tracks, and also on Time & Space, out this month. As a tip: Time & Space sounds like it’s easily one of the best records of the year.


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Artist: Pal Joey/Takeshi Fukushima
Title: “Hot Music” (Takeshi Fukushima Retouch)
Label: Ornaments
Release Date: Vinyl October 4 2019 / Digital October 28 2019