Julian Shamou is having a remarkable run. With no touring or expensive promotion, the man behind the Detroit’s Filthiest project has launched about five hot records in a row, none of them especially same-y and in fact running the gamut of underground vibes, from “Handprint” to “Hustler’s Anthem” and “Midnight Funk Association.”

It’s all quite extraordinary, but it means nothing if the next record falls flat. I’m pleased to tell you that it doesn’t. “Shake Your Booty” is Detroit Filthiest’s latest filth, featuring Will Simpson. References to P-Funk abound, and are deliberate: it’s a full-on assquake of Maggot Brain-era Funkadelic from the first slap of bass so big it sounds like it’s going to blow an amp.


“Shake Your Booty” was released just before Memorial Day Weekend on Detroit’s Filthiest’s own Motor City Electro Company.

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Artist: Detroit’s Filthiest
Title: “Shake Your Booty” featuring Will Simpson (Original Mix)
Label: Motor City Electro Company
Release Date: Digital, May 25 2018