Elypsia, a Belgian label with roots penetrating down into the bedrock of the 1990s electronic movement, has been releasing a series of highly interesting records from kindred souls including Orlando Voorn, Scan 7, Fabrice Lig and Mark Flash.

Up next Elypsia revisits the 2017 Rick Wade Timeless EP with a set of four remixes from Pezzner, Vintage Future and Tresilo (which is also three people: Ben Long, Esteban Adame & Oliver Way). Pezzner’s bouncy “CR2 Remix” of “Academy” aims a radioactive funk cannon right between the eyes:

Pre-order the vinyl on Juno, buy it digitally now on Bandcamp or listen to the full EP here.


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Artist: Rick Wade
Title: “Academy” (Pezzner CR02 remix)
Label: Elypsia
CAT: ELY 06112
Release Date: