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Used to be that every rookie with a microphone would ask Wayne Williams why he didn’t make more house music records. After all, his whole life he’s been associated with great records. He was one of the original Chicago House DJs, founder of the Chosen Few DJs and you need to wear protective eye gear to keep from squinting from all the gold records on the wall of his office from his tenure as Senior VP for A&R at Jive/Sony/etc. (And I was that rookie with a microphone once too. We pay our props and we pay our dues.)

At this point, though, Mr. Williams is looking at a three page discography on Traxsource, most within the last 5 years and leaving out his classic releases like the massively underrated acid house party record That Shit’s Wild. Most of them are on Terry Hunter‘s T’s Box (but not all), and so is this – the latest T’s Box cut “No Mountain” and we’re going wild for the dub mix:

No Mountain is part of a three track release and out out today via Traxsource promo, worldwide November 5.

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Artist: Wayne Williams
Title: No Mountain (Dub No Intro)
Label: T’s Crates
CAT: TC026
Release Date: Out Now (digital)


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