Content is a club residency in Manchester UK that is reportedly so hot that DJ Magazine has nominated it as the “best club night”. Knowing something about how magazines decide these things, I can’t imagine why you would give a shit about that, but you should care that they’ve brought some of the UK’s best and brightest Deep House and Techno locals on board to anchor their residency, because that’s the sort of thing that really matters. In addition to DJing, Eddie Leader is heavily featured on the first release from Content’s music outing (coincidentally called “Music With Content”) along with two other mainstays of his Hudd Traxx label, Agnes and Iron Curtis.

Starting with A1, I love the moody, atmospheric synths that get “A Night at JBs” going, as well as the painfully sharp percussion that crashes in when it really starts to fly. This is classic black-box club fodder and I haven’t had the opportunity but I’m dying to crack this on a big system to hear that thunder roll. I’ve yet to learn much about Agnes, but his remix of “A Night at JBs” is fantastic – more jack, more groove and some dizzy synth work that brings to mind a confusing but not unpleasant ride I once took on the El at about 5 in the morning with four friends and about twice as many microdots in our systems. “You’d pay big money for this shit at Disneyland” someone observed, and if we had a soundtrack for that ride, I bet it’d sound like this.

On the flipside, “Keep On Movin'” sounds almost like a DNA mutation of “A Night at JBs” but much more hectic. And Eddie Leader’s remix is almost serene. Like, seriously: a slow piano riff, a melodic, gentle guitar strum buried somewhere in the mix and what sounds like a Jesse Jackson speech urging us to keep on movin’.

From all indications, Content is bringing some of the best that Deep House and Techno have to offer to Manchester and as a showcase of their sound, this is a superb debut release.