I feel like you can take anything I’ve ever written about any Alex Agore record and apply it to any other. That’s not to say they’re interchangeable. It’s because of a level of quality that will take your breath away. We’re going to be digging these noisy records out of the bunkers for a long time yet, and so will the underground Morlocks in V-necks that come after us.

Agore went on hiatus for awhile (right after we interviewed him in 5 Magazine, in fact. Sorry about that.) This four track EP on French label KV, run by Kool Vibe, is a reset – packed with energy, recycling elements of the past that even those with an incurable ’90s fetish have forgotten about. The flamboyance of some of Agore’s tracks (“Heartbeat” here) reminds one that some of those classic tracks were made for dancefloors far more – shall we say – “diverse” than the ones we stand around Shazaming and fondling slabs of glass and brushed aluminum on today. “The Only Time” reminds me more of some of the ID and Silkmix remixes from Steve Hurley’s remix factory. These are influenced by rather unloved pieces of our musical heritage, which those who have never been exposed to that “diversity” rarely show much affinity for.


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